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Try paragliding in the spectacular scenery of the Swiss Alps. Paragliding is a very popular activity in the Alps and involves flying a ‘wing’ in the thermals high above the valley floor below. Our paragliding suppliers cater for the total beginner to the most seasoned pro’s. Take the front seat, sit back and enjoy a tandem flight with one of the qualified pilots or learn how to fly a wing by yourself high in the thermals. If you are a licensed paragliding pilot our suppliers will be able to take you up the mountain, show you the take off and landing spots and assist you in experiencing some of the most incredible flying that the Alps have to offer… all under the guidance of their highly qualified and professional team.

The flights start up in the mountains from a take off point, to which you are driven by your instructors. Flights can last more than 20 minutes.

Tandem Flights

Experience the thrilling sensation of soaring like a bird whilst in the complete safety of one of our highly qualified professional pilots. You don’t require any experience or level of fitness to enjoy a tandem flight…just sit back and enjoy the ride!

Price: 190CHF

Option: In-flight photos and video available 50CHF

One Day Taster

This is a one day paragliding course which will introduce you to the world of paragliding. During this course you will learn the necessary skills to take-off and land and you will experience the incredible sense of satisfaction of that first solo flight.

Objective: To fly solo.

Duration: 1 Day

Price: 290 CHF

All students are required to have accident insurance cover before beginning training.

If after the taster session you would like to carrying on flying you can continue with extra days flying at a cost of 150CHF or undertake a course to achieve the BHPA elementary pilot status (5 – 6 days in a row or staggered to suit you) at a cost of 890CHF course only price which includes tuition and equipment.

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