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Wednesday, 11 February 2015 07:42

The top mistakes you should avoid making when skiing

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If you are planning to visit Verbier to have the best ski vacation, you need to equip yourself with a few tips. First of all, you need to have ski gear that fits you properly. However, you can also rent out ski gear here in Verbier or inquire if your chalet rental will be able to provide you with that service. You also need to have a basic understanding of skiing and maneuvering around the slopes to have a more enjoyable experience.

Your ski chalet in Verbier might also have a private instructor onboard, but if not, there are some great ski schools here that can provide group or private lessons. Some of the most important things to keep in mind when skiing in Verbier, are the things that could go wrong. 98% of the time, skiers end up in trouble because of small mistakes that could have been easily prevented.

Here are a few mistakes you should avoid when skiing :

#1-     Looking At Your Skis

One of the most common mistakes that skiers tend to make is look down on their skis while skiing, consequently losing sight of what’s ahead. Whatever you do, always try to keep your eyes open and stay alert. You cannot afford to lose sight of the slope ahead.

#2-     Turning to Stop

If you know how to drive you might also know that turning your car on snow or an icy road in an effort to make it stop is not something you want to do. Similarly, while skiing try to use the hill slope to your benefit.

#3-     Going To the Top Right Away

People who have been skiing for years also take the ‘easy’ slopes before they head all the way up to the top of the resort. This helps warm up the body and get it ready for more challenging skiing. Try to ski around easy slopes and only go to the top when you trust yourself and feel ready.

#4-     Relying On Friends for Ski Lessons

You should never rely on your friends or family members to teach you how to ski unless they are licensed instructors. When you plan on skiing in Verbier find a private instructor or group lessons that can turn you into a pro within a few days time.

#5-     Rotating Your Body to Turn

Many beginner skiers believe that they need to turn their bodies completely in order to make a sharp turn. However, that is not the case and might result in an accident. Use your weight to exert force on the skis to turn.

These are just a few mistakes you should avoid to make the best out of your ski experience. If you are looking forward to renting out Verbier ski apartments, be sure to contact us at Active Fusion.and we will help you organize the perfect ski instruction as well as your perfect accommodation.

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